Back at it

Alrighty then, let’s get to the running. My calendar for this winter training season consists of the Gilbert Half Marathon November 23rd, The Scottsdale Half Marathon December 15th and the Sprouts Mesa Full Marathon February 8th. I’m sure there will be a few smaller races sprinkled in somewhere, but those are the biggies.

The summers in Arizona usually cause me to take a relatively lengthy break in my running. With MS it is advised to avoid overheating and if you’ve ever been to Arizona you get the reason for the break. It amazes me how quickly you can restart from square one with running. So easily I can go from running 6-7 miles to taking a week vacation and coming back to struggle running 3. Oh running…you fickle bitch.

As the weather started to get to a tolerable temperature (at 5am), I started meeting up with the amazing Annie for our Monday runs. Around this time, a training program through a group called East Valley Runners was recommended. Annie and I agreed to go together and after the first meeting decided to sign up for a fall half marathon training program. Another friend, who I will not be referring to quite often, Amber, signed up as well but she was training for her first full!!!! See where this is going?

This has been the most consistent I have ever trained for a race. My previous approach was show up and don’t die. Which up to now has worked just fine. We have consistently run together 5 days a week and are putting in close to if not over 100 miles a month! This morning, we put in 10 miles at the good ol’ Queen Creek Wash. Legs felt heavy but the company is hard to beat. Having the support of such an amazing group of women really makes the training process exciting. I look forward each 4am morning to the time spent chatting and sweating. Together, we make each other better.

Sarah, Amber, myself and Annie. My tribe

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